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What We Do

We work with you to develop, launch and grow your business, helping to guide you through each step of the process, while connecting you with the appropriate people, places and things. We are based in Toronto, Ontario, but work with you virtually from anywhere in the world. 

We go through the entire step-by-step process with you, over time, to plan and build your business. We work with you directly to develop your ideas, help you create the look and feel of your brand, develop your list of services or products, design your packaging/other materials, help you acquire bar codes, necessary certifications, and French language translation (mainly required for food packaging). We help you with raw material sourcing and connecting with distributors (for product-based businesses), website creation, building and executing a sales and marketing plan, and everything in between. Wherever you're at in building your business, let us help you take the next step. 

Some Major Steps We Guide You Through

  1. Brand development/logo design

  2. Product research and development 

  3. Packaging design/marketing material design or other design needs, and printing

  4. Business plans

  5. Sourcing raw materials and connecting with suppliers

  6. Manufacturing - copacking/getting started in your own facility (for product-based businesses)

  7. Product safety and shelf life testing (for food products)

  8. Starting your business - business registration/incorporation/trademarks/insurance

  9. Budgeting and pricing your products/services competitively

  10. Connecting with distributors and retailers, and growing your sales (for product-based businesses)

  11. Building a website

  12. Managing your social media - writing captions and managing communication and engagement

  13. Developing and executing a sales and marketing plan

  14. Public relations

  15. Building your team

  16. Financing your business/sourcing loans and grants

  17. Meeting and exceeding industry standards

Individual Services We Offer For Both Product-Based & Service-Based Businesses

  1. Brand development - we work with you to create your brand identity

  2. Logo design - we create your logo for you based on your specific needs

  3. Packaging design/design for marketing materials/posters/banners, etc. and/or printing of these items 

  4. Website creation and management - we create a website for you based on your needs. We can also work with you to manage your website and keep it up to date

  5. Create your social media channels and manage them - create daily or weekly posts and engage with your audience to help build your following/community (including creating contests and giveaways, brand collaborations, etc.)

  6. Business plans - developing and writing your business plan

  7. Marketing and sales plans

  8.  Public relations - connecting with influencers, events, trade shows, television and other media outlets, as well as other avenues to market and gain exposure for your brand

  9. Virtual assistant - we work with you as your virutal assistant, helping you tackle daily tasks in your business

  10. Copywriting - we write content for your website, packaging, promotional materials, blog, podcast, YouTube channel, social media, and any other documents requiring copy

We are excited to work with you. Let us help you start, develop and grow your successful business! Contact us today at 647-292-2307 or fill out the form below.

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