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Work We've Done



Plant-Powered Food

Rawcology came to us having already established their brand and products, and we've been lucky enough to work with them on a growth strategy, budget, and future planning to help them achieve their long term goals. We focused on distribution channels and increasing marketing efforts, along with how best to scale up production.  

Yes, Peas!

Roasted Chickpea Snacks

We created Yes, Peas! from concept to store shelves, including branding, design, sales, marketing, manufacturing, distribution, and everything in between. Yes, Peas! grew into over 1000 store locations, had the opportunity to pitch on Dragon's Den, and became a national brand in less than two years, being featured on a number of media outlets.


Honeycomb Botanicals

Honey Skin Care and Edibles

We enjoyed working with Honeycomb Botanicals on their brand image, growth strategy and marketing plan, in order to increase their sales and visibility in the marketplace. We worked on developing a clear vision for the brand in order to scale up and grow.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 10.57.00

GTA Auto Spa

Auto Detailing Services

We've loved working with GTA Auto Spa on their minimalistic website. We built their site from scratch, making sure to highlight their key services and features, while staying on brand and keeping the site looking sleek and polished. This website is just the beginning, as we will be continuing to add more elements, including a beautiful photo gallery. We enjoyed working with them on some of the verbiage for their site, and look forward to continuing our work with them. 


Hero Ice Cream 

Deliciously Healthy Ice Cream

Hero Ice Cream came to us with a basic idea, and we have worked with them to develop their brand identity and products. We created their logo and packaging design, helped to source raw materials, manufacturing, and distribution. We worked with them on their business plan, marketing plan, sales channels, and budget. We have worked with them on every step of the process to ensure their goals were met. We built their website, as well as set up and manage their social media pages.

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Lake & Oak Tea Co.

Therapeutic Teas

Lake & Oak Tea Co. came to us with their tea blends already created. We worked with them on developing their brand identity, ensuring their packaging was up to industry standards, planning and executing their launch, building a sales strategy, designing and creating their retail sales sheet, helped them set up their business legally, and more. We've also acted as their support and accountability partner with weekly telephone calls. We continue to work with them on each step of the process.


The Hollywood Fox

Media Corespondent

marlie pic_edited.jpg

Kale & Krunches

Influencer and Fitness Coach

nola pic.jpg

NOLA Baking Co.

Granola Nut Clusters

We worked with the Hollywood Fox on developing a brand identity and business plan. We developed and built their website, and continue to help manage their social media channels. We focused on creating a clear plan for brand development, as well as worked together to create a plan for sponsorship and event opportunities. We continue to work with the Hollywood Fox, helping to manage their daily operations and productions.

Marlie from Kale & Krunches is a well-known social influencer and fitness coach. While pregnant, Marlie developed a pregnancy workout guide, which we helped her launch by building a members-only video based website for her program. We worked with her on selecting the right colours and images for her site, as well as built the site from start to finish based on her specific goals and needs. We made sure that her site not only functions well, but looks great too.

NOLA came to us with a basic idea and recipe for granola nut clusters. We worked with them on everything from concept to launch, including: brand and product development, logo, packaging design, sales and marketing strategy, budget and pricing, marketing materials and sales sheet, and had weekly coaching sessions where we brainstormed and developed ideas. We also set up and managed their social media pages, as well as planned and executed their launch.

mediseen logo.jpg


Mobile Health Care Services

MediSeen came to us with their brand/design already developed. We worked with them to grow their online community of registered practitioners. We created and managed their Facebook group for practitioners where we wrote all content for the page, engaged with members, hosted weekly webinars/Facebook live events with special guests, and consulted with the MediSeen team regarding growth strategy and implementation.


Dream Come True

Pediatric Sleep Consulting

We worked with Dream Come True to design and develop their logo, as well as design and build their website. We started with a blank slate and created each element to suit their specific needs. Our goal was to create a site that is very user friendly, easy to navigate, clean looking, and visually appealing. We have loved working with Dream Come True and look forward to working with them as they continue to grow.



Essential Oils

WeOil came to us with their brand/design already developed. We consulted with them to help develop their sales and marketing strategies, including brainstorming ideas for images/language to be used on social media. We also consulted with them to provide feedback on their current website and offered tips and tools for making positive changes. We worked together to identify the main goals/target market of the brand, and developed plans for doing a bit of a re-brand.


Hayley Hobson

Healthy Living Expert

Hayley has built an incredible brand over the last 10 years, and is very well known in the health and wellness industry. She is one of the top leaders of DoTerra, and has built a number of online wellness programs with hundreds of thousands of participants across the world. Hayley came to us looking for marketing/social media management, as well as help with re-branding. We currently work with her and her team to manage the day-to-day of her multiple social accounts (FB pages/groups, Instagram, and Pinterest), as well as handle all marketing/social media engagement, including giveaways, influencer outreach, partnerships, affiliates, and more. We oversee and edit all copy for her podcast, YouTube channel, Facebook lives, and social media posts. We also connect with and book guests for her podcast. We respond to comments and DM'S on all of her social channels, engage with members of her community, create copy and posts for Pinterest, direct and manage her team on all marketing tasks, and much more! We are currently working on re-branding Hayley Hobson, and love developing new ideas with her team. We are excited to grow with the HH team. 


Eternally Maternal

Pre/Post Natal Education

Eternally Maternal came to us with their logo/brand already established. We consulted with them to help develop their service offerings, as well as work with them to develop a marketing strategy. We acted as their sounding board, as they worked through various ideas/directions for the brand and offered our insight and guidance. We look forward to consulting with them as they continue to grow.

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